2.2 L Portable Ice Cube Maker with Bullet Shaped Ice Cube-Navy

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Always have enough ice cubes for a cold beverage with this incredible ice maker machine.


Featuring a 2.2L water reservoir this ice maker machine fast produces 9 cubes of bullet-shaped ice (2 sizes for choose) per 6 minutes up to 27 lbs of daily ice yields and stores the ice for 1.5 lbs temporarily. With a scoop and removable inner bucket this ice maker ensures a hygiene way to access your ice. The water shortage and excessive ice situations can be detected and the machine will correspondingly shut down. Moreover the ice-making procedure can be observed through the easy-view lid and this machine is able to be drained for fast empty. And it has a self-clean function for daily cleaning. Please do not use purified water.


If you are looking for an ice maker like this do not hesitate to place an order!


  • Safer with water shortage and ice tip alarm simple operation indicators
  • The machine will stop if there is too much ice or lack of water
  • Compact and take up a little countertop area in your home and office
  • Plugged drain benefits fast cleaning for daily maintenance
  • Makes ice of a bullet shape with 2 optional sizes
  • Able to keep and store 1.5 lbs cubes temporarily
  • Extra benefit: an ice scoop and removable ice bucket included
  • Boasts 2.2 L water tank yields 9 cubes of ice per 6 minutes 27 lbs per day
  • Easy to operate with one button control
  • Self-cleaning function: machine on standby and press the "on/off" button for 5 s
  • Please do not use purified water.

● Ice Maker Machine with Fast Performance: This high-performance ice maker machine can get 9 cubes of ice ready in 6 minutes straight. It means you can yield 27 lbs of ice for one day which is enough to host a whole family or a small cocktail party.
● Optional Ice Size with a Bullet Shape: The ice cube is shaped like a round bullet through the premium evaporative condenser crystal clean and no risk of harming your mouth. Besides you can freely choose the ice size yourself for a variety of drinks. Please do not use purified water.
● Compact and Versatile Kitchen Appliance: This portable ice cube maker machine has no trouble finding a spot on the countertop in your home office store and so on saving your valuable spaces. Homemade ice cubes keep your beer juice tea cold and make a great smoothie or even chill up the bruise.
● Simple and Safe Operation: The ice basket is able to preserve 1.5 LBS ice. Once the sensor detects ice full the ice maker will stop working and the indicator will flash and so does the water shortage condition. Under the stand-by state press the power button for more than 5 seconds and the self-cleaning function will start.
● Easy View and Practical Design: This ice maker machine comes with an ice scoop to fetch the ice cube. And the ice basket is also removable. The easy-view lid allows you to witness the whole ice-making procedures directly. And the plugged drain on the bottom of the ice maker helps you to empty the melted water fast.

Note: To enjoy the ice at its freshest please use up ice in the basket or put it in the fridge to avoid melting around.

  • Color: Sliver
  • Main material: PP stainless steel
  • Overall dimension: 9.5" x 14" x 12.5" (L x W x H)
  • Productivity: 27 lbs /24 h
  • Ice-making cycle: 6-13 Minutes
  • Ice storage capacity: 1.5 lbs
  • Water tank capacity: 2.2 L
  • Voltage / Frequency: 115 V/60 Hz
  • Power cord length: 70"
  • Net weight: 17 lbs
  • Package includes:
  • 1 x Ice maker
  • 1 x Instruction

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