2L Portable Folding Steam Sauna Spa-Gray

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It is a portable steam sauna spa for you because it can effectively relieve your stress and promote detoxification.


Does work pressure make you tired? Now it's time to pay attention to your mental and physical health. There are 9 adjustable temperature levels for you to choose according to different situations. Besides it is equipped with a remote control allowing you to freely adjust without leaving steam sauna. We have also prepared foot massage rollers for you to help you save on the cost of expensive massage services. No need to worry about water penetrating the floor because the absorbent pad can completely absorb excess water. Come on enjoy your healthy and comfortable leisure time!


If you are looking for such product don't hesitate to buy it. 


  • 9 adjustable temperature levels meet your needs
  • Remote control for simple and easy operation
  • Folding design allows you to quickly store or expand
  • The maximum temperature can reach 113 ℉
  • 0-99 minutes timing range can meet the needs of different groups
  • Premium thermal insulation fabric can prevent heat loss
  • You can add essential oils and herbs to the medicine pot
  • Foot massage roller provides you with professional massage enjoyment
  • Explosion - proof and leakage - proof steam boiler to ensure the safety of users
  • Stable and sturdy chair allows you to sit and enjoy the sauna
  • Absorbent pad absorbs excess moisture and keep the floor dry
  • Comes with a bag for easily storage and carrying
  • It is ETL certified and safer to use
  • Private steam sauna spa creates a clean relaxing environment

  • Private Steam Sauna with Safety Protection: Just a few minutes a hygienic private steam sauna can be assembled. In addition to practicality safety is our top priority. In order to prevent users from being injured during the sauna steaming we designed the steam boiler to be explosion-proof and leakage-proof.
  • 9 Adjustable Temperature Levels: This portable steam sauna is equipped with a remote control so that you can adjust the temperature according to your needs. In addition 9 levels of temperature regulating maximum steam temperature 113℉ and 0-99 minutes timing range can meet the needs of different groups.
  • Rapid Heating & Premium Material: Made of premium thermal insulation fabric our steam sauna can prevent heat loss. The heating element power is 1050W and it only takes few minutes to quickly heat up the entire sauna. And the stainless steel structure is not easily deformed guaranteeing a long service life.
  • Easy to Carry & Complete Accessories: This fast folding sauna spa tent can be set up quickly and be transported easily. Besides it comes with a tote bag a chair wooden foot massage roller absorbent pad medicine pot and other accessories allowing you to enjoy the most professional steaming experience.
  • Good for Health & Better Relaxation: Regular saunas can improve your blood circulation help detoxify improve skin and relieve stress. In addition it can also help relax your body and provide you with a high-quality sleep. Unzipping the top can release your hands making it easy for you to play with your phone or read a book.

  • Color: Grey/coffee/black
  • Material: Cotton cloth stainless steel wire
  • Tub dimension: 32" x 33" x 42" (L x W x H)
  • Steam boiler dimension: 8" x 9.5" x 10.5" (L x W x H)
  • Chair dimension: 14" x 14" x 23" (L x W x H)
  • Foot massage roller size: 5" x 1" x 10.5" (L x W x H)
  • Maximum temperature: 113 ℉
  • Steam boiler power: 1050 W
  • Product weight: 10.5 lbs
  • Package includes:
  • 1x Sauna tent
  • 1x Steamer
  • 1x Remote control
  • 1x Chair
  • 1x Steam hose
  • 1x Medicine pot
  • 1x Foot massage roller
  • 1x Carrying bag
  • 1x Cover
  • 1x Absorbent pad
  • 1x Instruction

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