6 Feet Artificial Ficus Silk Tree

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-71" and 1008 leaves for full appearance
-Leaves made of PEVA and polyester fabric realistic texture and silk touch
-Grace lines with full appearance more flourishing and vibrant
-Twisting rattan firmly binding the tree and restores the natural growth of trunk
-Free maintenance hassle-free and stay fresh
-Nearly seamless collection between leaver and limb art aesthetic effect
-Cement base with moss surface standing upright
-Includes a complimentary paperboard pot
-Perfect for french windows home entrance way or even the office

● Full and Size: Standing a full 71" high the multiple trunks support 1008 leaves that are made of PEVA and polyester fabric providing you a more realistic texture and silk touch. And the grace lines perfectly complement the full appearance which adds a touch of nature to any living space.
● Amazing Realistic Modeling: Twisting rattan not only binds three trunks for full and plump appearance but also highly restores the natural growth of the trunk more vivid and flourishing. And the root fixing between leaver and limb adopts in a nearly seamless collection enhancing the art aesthetic effect.
● Home and Garden Decor: Unlike the real delicate Ficus tree this artificial Ficus tree is eternally verdant and deep green with individual leaves on the sturdy trunk. This Ficus would look lovely in french windows the home entranceway or even the office.
● Stable and Upright: Equipped with the cement base covered with dried moss this Ficus artificial tree features a stable posture ensuring that your tree will stand upright and even reach skyward so as to provide you the thriving and evergreen visual feast.
● Free Maintenance: The benefit of an artificial tree is that it adds a touch of greenery to your home while eliminating any need for giving it water or sunlight. When gathering dust you can wipe lightly with a wet cloth and get refreshed again.

  • Color: Green
  • Material: Polyester fabric
  • Net weight: About 14.5 lbs
  • Height: 71"
  • Package includes:
  • 1 x Artificial ficus tree
  • 1 x Paperboard pot

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