Complete Bread Baking Kit Banneton Proofing Basket Set 9In Round And 10In Oval Basket With Linen Liner Lame Dough Scraper Whisk

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Our bread baking kit includes 13pcs necessary supplies, suitable for both professional bakers and beginners to make delicious homemade bread. Oval and round shape banneton baskets are made of natural, odorless and non-toxic rattan, with mold-resistant linen cloth, providing an ideal proofing and rising environment for high quality breads. Wooden handle of Danish whisk and bread lame delivers comfortable and ergonomic grip experience. Moreover, you can promote the relationship between your family and friends while enjoy the leisure time of baking.

  • Complete Bread Baking Essentials: Our bread baking kit includes all necessary supplies you require to start making delicious and delicate hand-crafted bread. You will get 2Pcs proofing baskets with 2pcs linen cloth, 1pc dough scraper, 1pc bread lame with 5pcs blades, 1pc danish whisk in the package. Do you prepare to enjoy the warm and memorable baking time with your family?

  • 2 Different Proofing Baskets: Consider of the most commonly used shape for bread-baking, we provide an oval banneton and a round banneton for you to choose according to your preference. Help you to make 2 different shape of loaves simultaneously as you need.

  • Natural Rattan & Wood: The banneton baskets are made of natural, odorless and non-toxic rattan, with mold-resistant linen cloth, creating an ideal proofing and rising environment for yummy breads. Moreover, the sturdy, durable wooden handle of Danish whisk and bread lame deliver smooth and ergonomic grip experience.

  • Easy To Use & Clean: The linen cloth covered on the baskets prevents any dough or residue from getting stuck, easily take off the cloth and wash it by hand. And if you directly place the bread in the basket, please use a generous amount of flour to make sure the dough won’t stick to the basket, and keep the baking supplies in a dry, well-ventilated area.

  • Ideal Gift For Beginner & Pro: Whether you are a professional baker, or a beginner who want to develop a new hobby, our complete bread baking kit is the ideal gift to improve the baking skills. Surprise your friends or family in Christmas, Thanks Giving Day, Halloween, Mother’s Day, birthday!

    • Brand: NewHome
      Product Type: Bread Baking Supplies with Proofing Basket
      Material: PP; Stainless Steel; Rattan; Wooden
      Color: Silver+White
      Oval Banneton Size: 25.5x15.5x9cm/10.03x6.1x3.54in
      Oval Banneton Weight: 178g/0.39lbs
      Round Banneton Size: 23x23x9cm/9.05x9.05x3.54in
      Round Banneton Weight: 176g/0.38lbs
      Dough Scraper Size: 13.5x9cm/5.31x3.54in
      Dough Scraper Weight: 20g/0.04lbs
      Bread Lame Size(With Blade): 2.5x18.5cm/0.98x7.28in
      Bread Lame Weight: 27g/0.05lbs
      Blade Size: 4.5x2.5cm/1.77x0.98in
      Danish Whisk Size: 33.3x7.5cm/13.11x2.95in
      Danish Whisk Weight: 130g/0.28lbs
      Package Size: 38*30*10cm/14.96*11.81*3.93in
      Package Weight: 626g/1.38lbs

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