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This is the new kids' kitchen playset which provides a realistic cooking experience with some innovative features for your children.


This cooking set includes refrigerator sink stove water dispenser baking oven and other kitchen essentials. The water dispenser will give out clear sound of flowing water under continuous pressing to provide the realistic cooking experience. We guarantee all construction materials are healthy and eco-friendly and reach ASTM standard. Durable wood with smooth veneer makes easy cleaning just with a damp cloth. Besides our detailed instruction allows you to assemble it effortlessly. With this kitchen cooking collocation recognition manipulative ability and creativity beyond imagination will be developed and the relationship between kids with his parents and friends can be enhanced


If you are looking for such a toy for your children don't hesitate to buy one.


  • Made of durable wood with smooth veneer sturdy & easy to clean
  • Eco-friendly & safe materials have passed ASTM certification
  • To help kids’ collocation recognition manipulative ability & imagination
  • Roomy storage space enclosed cabinets to help countertop tidy & organized
  • Removable sink with turnable tap easy for kid to clear out little dirt
  • Emulation display screen for reminding children of cook time
  • Complete realistic cooking set refrigerator sink stove water dispenser.
  • Breathable holes at the back protect children from being suffocated
  • Explicit installation guide & complete hardware helping you easily assemble the set
  • Perfect educational gift for children in Christmas or on birthdays

● Healthy & Eco-friendly Materials: Crafted with durable P2 MDF our educational kitchen cooking toy are appraised as being one of the highest quality and safe consumer product which has passed mutiple ASTM standards. All materials are odorless and non-toxic giving you the peice of mind knowing that your child can enjoy the kitchen time immediately after easy assembly.
● Complete Kitchen Organizer: Comes with most kitchen appliances including refrigerator stove water dispenser baking oven and sink. Cabinets are designed for storing pots pans plates bowls cups and other kitchen accessories. All areas have open surfaces to help the whole countertop stay tidy and organized.
● Real Cooking Experience: Pressing the water dispenser will emerge the sounds of flowing water. Faucets and stove knobs are both turnable slightly twist to open. All experiences provide children with young development in collocation recognition manipulative ability creativity and imagination.
● Easy to Assemble & Clean: The accurate combination of all parts helps you assemble it in a short amount of time. Plastic sink can be easily removed to clean. Covered with smooth veneer this kitchen set is also easy to clean just with a piece of damp cloth. All hardware and a detailed manual is included. 
●  Ideally Educational Gift: With this kitchen play set children not only can make a meal based on his or her imagination but also can accomplish their works with their parents or buddies. Intended for children ages three years and up to share happiness and become more active. It is the best gift for your kids' birthday and Christmas!

  • Color: White
  • Main material: P2 MDF
  • Product dimension: 33" x 12.5" x 31.5" ( L x W x H )
  • Net weight: 29 lbs
  • Suitable for kids: Over 3 years old
  • Package includes:
  • 1 x Kitchen playset
  • 1 x Instruction

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