Pre-lit Snow Flocked Christmas Tree with Berries and Poinsettia Flowers-5'

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This snow-flocked artificial Christmas tree is an eye-catching addition to all occasions for residential and commercial use.


Flourishing leaves with pine needles PE and PVC tips showcase natural gradation in realism. Since all leaves are made of 100% new PVC and PE this Christmas tree is odorless and non-toxic for long-term indoor use. And with snow-flocked design the tree brings home excellent wintry scene and festival vibe. Also pre-decorated Christmas flowers and frozen berry clusters enhance visual attractiveness of the tree. Thanks to pre-lit design you can enjoy warm lighting show indoors for better festivity celebration. In addition it is easy to assemble the tree by inserting 2/3/3/3 hinged sections in order. And the tree is stably supported by metal stand showcasing outstanding look. So you can decorate different places to spread sincere wishes and holiday joy.


If you are looking for a Christmas tree do not miss it!


  • 3 leaf shapes of pine needles PE and PVC tips for natural gradation
  • Pre-lit design with 180/250/350/450 LED lights for romantic lighting show
  • Hinged branches ensure easy assembly and quick fluffing
  • Pre-decorated Christmas flowers and berry clusters add attractiveness
  • Snow-flocked design showcases wintry atmosphere
  • Folding metal stand for space-saving storage and firm support
  • 100% new material is odorless and safe for long-term use
  • Ideal Christmas decoration for home office school etc

● Bring Home Wintry Natural Scene: Unlike ordinary simplistic trees seen in other brands this snow-flocked Christmas tree with various ornaments offers unique snowy feeling throughout your home. Layered design combining the white snowing look with flourishing leaves Christmas flowers and cute berries enables the tree to be an eye-catching decoration in any corners.
● Illuminate Night with Warm White Light: There are 180/250/350/450 bright LED lights evenly dispersed on the 5ft/6ft/7ft/8ft leafy Christmas tree offering shining lighting show at night. Appearing warm white lighting effect the tree will make home full of joyful festival atmosphere to immerse your family in happy holiday feel.
● 100% New Material of Leafy Leaves: Compared with other trees that made of inferior recycled material this snow-flocked Christmas tree with 100% new PE and PVC stands out with exquisite craft and fine material. Besides the tree with 339/471/627/807 branch tips that made by pine needles PVC and PE leaves creating natural gradation and flourishing appearance.
● Hinged Structure for Easy Set-up: Thanks to the hinged structure all branches will drop automatically saving your time on assembly. Inserting 2/3/3/3 hinged sections in order and fluffing the leaves a slim Xmas tree with lush appearance is fully assembled ensuring great visual attractiveness.
● Sturdy Metal Stand for Lasting Stability: In order to stand in an upright position during the Christmas season this snow-flocked Christmas tree is supported by a metal stand which has high durability and stability. And the foldable design of the metal base facilitates storage when tree is not in use.

  • Color: White
  • Material: New PE new PVC iron
  • Net weight: 10.5lbs/ 15lbs/ 19lbs/ 25lbs
  • Tree height: 5 ft/ 6 ft/ 7 ft/ 8 ft
  • Tree width: 2.3 ft/ 2.5 ft/ 2.8 ft/ 3.1 ft
  • Number of PE tips: 47/ 59/ 71/ 83
  • Number of PVC tips: 246/ 354/ 486/ 642
  • Number of pine needles: 46/ 58/ 70/ 82
  • Number of tips: 339/ 471/ 627/ 807
  • Number of LED lights: 180/ 250/ 350/ 450
  • Package includes:
  • 1 x Pre-lit Christmas Tree

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