Single Sit-in Kayak Fishing Kayak Boat With Paddle and Detachable Rudder-Blue

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The sit-in kayak can not only meet your needs but also can boat racing for the keel on the bottom adds strong stability.


The sit-in kayak can not only meet your needs of sightseeing drifting or fishing but also boat racing for the keel on the bottom adds strong stability which can effectively against the wind & waves. Moreover the streamlined hull design can reduce the resistance of water while providing good maneuverability. The hull is made of LLDPE material that is tear-resistant and durable for long-term use and the paddle is made of lightweight aluminum allowing for easy paddling. More importantly the kayak is designed with a detachable rudder that can help you change directions easily. Thanks to the multiple-position adjustable foot pedal and an ergonomic seat users of different heights can get optimal comfort. The large waterproof storage bin can store luggage as well as be a flotation tank. Bungee straps on the rear deck can store spare paddles and life-saving supplies. The water cup groove and elastic ropes can store waterproof bags and tents. With the easy-pulling handles you can also move it easily.


If you are looking for a sit-in kayak boat like this do not hesitate to place an order!


  • The hull is crafted with LLDPE anti-aging fade & wear-resistant durable safe
  • The paddle is made of aluminum and PP lightweight anti-rust
  • The detachable double-head paddle can be installed in different directions
  • Designed with a multiple-position adjustable foot pedal allows users of different heights to use
  • Comes with a detachable rudder helps for changing heading directions
  • The rudder can be pulled up or pulled down by the safe rudder locking system
  • The keel design helps add stability against the wind and waves
  • The streamlined hull design provides better tracking and speeding
  • With a comfortable seat protects your spines and relieves back pain
  • Large Storage Areas: a cup groove elastic ropes bungee straps large storage bin
  • The waterproof storage bin can store luggage as well as provide more buoyancy
  • With handles on the back and front deck easy to move
  • Suitable for drifting fishing sightseeing

● Crafted Material for Safety & Durability: Crafted with odor-free and non-toxic LLDPE material the sit-in kayak ensures great durability tear resistance and impact resistance with long service life. And the boat can load up to 300 lbs. The paddle is made of anti-rust aluminum and high-density PP material which can be detached for easy storage.
● Multiple-Position Foot Pedal & Detachable Rudder: The recreational touring kayak is equipped with a multiple-position adjustable foot pedal that is suitable for people of different heights offering maximum comfort for you. Moreover there exists a detachable rudder on the rear deck for helping change directions and the rudder locking system helps pull up or pull down the rudder.
● Durable Keel & Streamlined Hull Design: The sit-in kayak is designed with a durable keel on the bottom which can add stability in the water while effectively reducing the air and water resistance preventing it from flipping. Also the streamlined design provides great provides good maneuverability and performance.
● Comfortable Seat & Sufficient Storage Space: Thanks to the built-in ergonomic seat you can enjoy a comfortable sitting without feeling fatigued for a long time. Besides the kayak boat comes with multiple storage areas: a water cup groove and elastic ropes to put waterproof bags & tents a storage bin to store luggage and bungee straps to store the paddle.
● Easy Carrying & Versatile Applications: Comes with easy-pulling handles on the rear and front deck the portable sit-in kayak can be moved by 2 persons easily. Besides the striking blue color can make your kayak stand out in the water. Whether for drifting sightseeing or fishing in the river lake or calm sea it would be your best choice.

  • Color: Blue
  • Material: LLDPE aluminum PP
  • Overall dimensions: 11.9” x 2” x 1.9 FT (L x W x H)
  • Length of the paddle: 7.7 F
  • Weight capacity: 300 LBS
  • Seat capacity: 1 Person
  • Net weight: 48.5 LBS
  • Package included:
  • 1 x Kayak
  • 1 x Instruction

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