Steel Tongue Handpan Drum 13 Notes 12”-Black

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It delivers Buddha-like clean and pleasant sound once you tap it with your hand or mallets.


By the way playing with mallets may be the first choice to beginners since using hand demands higher power and accuracy. Anyway it is easy to master in short time thanks to distinguished notes and music book. While 13 notes makes for wider range music than others. Because of its unique sound it is always used in yoga mediation religious activity mind healing and more of which intention is to purify people’s mind and relax mental tension. Or you can use it as a decoration in home and its elegant appearance with beautiful lotus flower design will never let you down. Meanwhile it is made of high quality steel and coated with spraying paint enabling excellent corrosion scratch and fade resistance for longer life span.


If you are looking for a music instrument that combines easy learning feature with spiritual healing function then you should not miss this steel tongue drum.


  • Can be played with either your hand or mallets easy to learn and use
  • Come with 4 ginger picks for better tapping outcome and pleasant sound
  • Made of high carbon steel material coated with spraying paint for better corrosion resistance
  • Serve as an elegant decoration in your home
  • Wide applications in yoga meditation spiritual healing religious activity and more
  • 13 notes design makes for wider range of music than others
  • Clean sound purifies people’s mind relaxes mental tension and enhance concentration
  • Lotus flower notes and textured surface add aesthetic beauty to the drum
  • Silicone feet stabilize the drum during playing in case of wobbling
  • The music book is provided for better master in short time
  • The storage bag combines convenient portability with protective storage

  • ● Fairly Easy to Play in 2 Methods: The tongue drum is super easy for anybody to learn and being skilled in play even those who with no musical background. You can perform wonderful music in 2 methods using either hands or mallets. The former requires higher hand power as well as accurate tapping position while the latter is more beginner-friendly ethereal and penetrating.
  • ● Premium Materials for Higher Durability: Delicately crafted with high quality carbon steel materials the tongue drum shows perfect performance in delivering pure sound and providing longer service time. Additionally coated with spraying paint its surface features excellent corrosion resistance and scratch resistance not easy to fade as well.
  • ● Purify Your Mind in Various Occasions: Clean Buddha-like sound can not only relieve your metal tension to calm down yourself but also purify your mind for soul healing. In this way it is widely used in many occasions such as yoga meditation mind healing religious activities etc. Meanwhile it is suitable for music lovers of all ages from little kids to the older.
  • ● Wider Range of Sound with 13 Notes: The tongue composes of 13 notes that is capable of working better than the 11-tones does. Plus the lotus flower shaped tones through exquisite laser cutting craftsmanship adds aesthetic beauty to the tongue drum itself. It also comes with notes sticker to help you distinguish the note with ease.
  • ● Carry it Anywhere You Want: Needless to say the music instruments should be well protected for good maintenance and that is the reason why the padded storage bag is provided. More the carrying bag can bring more convenience if you want to carry the tongue drum set outside for a performance.

  • Color: Green/black/coffee
  • Material: High carbon steel
  • Diameter: 12 inches
  • Net weight: 6 lbs
  • Package Includes:
  • 1 x Tongue drum
  • 2 x Mallets
  • 1 x Mallet stand
  • 1 x Picks
  • 1 x Carrying bag
  • 1 x Notes sticker
  • 1 x Music book

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